Flashcards 3 - Action Games for Adults

Flashcards are as enjoyable and engaging among adults as among kids. Very often when my adult students see flashcards for the first time they feel a little bit surprised and think that now they are going to be treated like small kids. But…

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Flashcards 2 - Action Games for Kids

With my small students it’s really a great fun to see them enjoying the lesson which involves a game with flashcards. I spread the flashcards on the floor and ask them to stand a little bit far from the flashcards, when I name an action (drawn on the flashcard) they run to catch it first. They really enjoy seeing that they get a point for each flashcard.

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Visual Aids-Flashcards INTRODUCTION

Very often teachers come across some problems introducing new vocabulary items. One of the techniques that teachers may apply introducing a new vocabulary item in a communicative way is with the help of flashcards.
A teacher can cover different topics with the help of flashcards, either labeled or not. Like when I introduce some words to my students I prefer to use the labeled ones, but at the end of the class it is really very fun and engaging to ask students to form pairs or small groups and let them label the pictures.

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What's the purpose of teaching aids?

A number of materials and teaching aids are necessary to create effective learning environments. Teaching aids are cassettes, recorders, CD players, video recorders, visual aids, realia, etc. I think that teaching aids are imortant, but no learning should be relied on them. It depends on the teacher how to use these aids. It's also important to remark that teaching and learning rely on a balanced interaction among teachers, learners and resources in class. If all of them are considered effective learning and teaching is expected. Share your points of view, please!

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Using Pictures Safely and Wisely!

When blogging on other platforms (not blogathons) pictures play a powerful role.Not only do pictures make the posts easier to read by creating a pleasing break for the eyes, well chosen pictures can highlight the topic being discussed. The author's points are clarified by connecting the lexical aspects with the visual ones.Pictures are often placed in the body of the text, serving as a divider between subtopics.Pictures help make a post memorable.However, it is difficult to get a hold of pictures we need without infringing on copyright issues.

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Smelling Your Way to the Second Conditional

The concept behind "would" has always been difficult for my students to grasp. They can memorize the rules of the second conditional well enough, but the hypothetical aspect always seems to be puzzling. The following activity has clarified the topic greatly, amid a lot of laughter. I presented two pictures of remote places, Antarctica and Namibia. I wrote on the board: If you were there… The first question was:" …what would you feel?"  That seemed a reasonable question to the pupils.

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Using modern technologies for English teaching

In modern days, teaching English has become a great tool to improve job prospects and sustain life in a competitive world. It is the need of this hour to implement modern technologies to upgrade the level of english teaching in all respects. It would also ease students' mentality to learn more about English at its best. The English teacher has to play a vital role in bringing the students up to face the competitve world.

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