Flashcards 3 - Action Games for Adults

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      Flashcards are as enjoyable and engaging among adults as among kids.

      Flashcards 2 - Action Games for Kids

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      With my small students it’s really a great fun to see them enjoying the lesson which involves a game with flashcards.

      Visual Aids-Flashcards INTRODUCTION

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      Very often teachers come across some problems introducing new vocabulary items.

      What's the purpose of teaching aids?

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      A number of materials and teaching aids are necessary to create effective learning environments. Teaching aids are cassettes, recorders, CD players, video recorders, visual aids, realia, etc.

      Using Pictures Safely and Wisely!

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      When blogging on other platforms (not blogathons) pictures play a powerful role.

      Using modern technologies for English teaching

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      In modern days, teaching English has become a great tool to improve job prospects and sustain life in a competitive world.

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