What's your favourite activity for teaching English to children (especially to EFL young learners)?

Dear all:
Since many of us are to become EFL teachers, I'd like to ask the experienced teachers, and the ones who've got ideas, what your favourite activity for teaching English language to children is, especially to EFL young learners.
Have you tried tons of activities and they've been great? Then, why don't you post your three most favourite ones?


GoAnimate Animated All

I have just had a couple of very successful lessons with my grade 8 students and I owe it all to a wonderful Web2 tool called GoAnimate. My students and I had been working on the story “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros (From “Discovering Fiction 1” Cambridge University Press) and I wanted to make sure that they had understood the story. “Normally” I would have had them write summaries or dialogues but this time I asked them to retell the story by turning it into a cartoon. GoAnimate makes this ridiculously easy to do.

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