Drama in the classroom, the Oswald awards

One of my responsibilities as Grade 8 Language Arts teacher is to put every single one of my approx. 75 students on stage for a full-length production of the comedy play “Wooing Wed Widing Hood” by Charlie Lovett. Motivating the students to memorize lines, moves and directions and really perform to a full house of parents and teachers isn’t always easy, but I have a Secret Weapon; The Oswald Awards!

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Slam Poetry - Slam Dunk!

The term "slam poem" refers to poems meant to be performed in front of an audience in a competitive environment. Points are usually awarded by a jury and in the end a winner is announced and awarded a prize. I arrange a "Grade 8 Slam" competition every fall semester at my school. I usually get a small group of English teachers and/or administrators to act as jury. Here is how I do it (you will of course adapt the process to your needs): The assignment:I make the Slam Poetry Competition a compulsory assignment for all of my grade 8 students.

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Reader's theatre

One of the text books I use with my students is "Discovering Fiction", a book of short stories. I usually spend one week (5 lessons) per short story. My main objective for the first couple of lessons is usually for the students to understand and enjoy the story. My absolute favorite way to achieve that goal is the Reader's Theatre technique. If you don't know what it is, here's a definition: http://bms.westport.k12.ct.us/mccormick/rt/whatrt.htm

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