Helping out with research into primary school age ELT

Just completed the questionnaire for primary school ELT for Aston University researchers, giving details of my experience in teaching 7-11 year olds last year. Should be interesting to see the results. Follow the link for more information:http://www1.aston.ac.uk/lss/research/focus-groups/teachingandlearningres...

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Non native speaker teachers of English and EIL

Hi, I' m currently writing a dissertation about non native English teachers, I want to discover if students' preferences of a teacher have changed (seemed to prefer NS according to previous research), and what they think about learning British/ American culture and accent, is it important for them? The Non native teachers are still discriminated in some areas, even though setting them as role models for learners became popular.

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Semantic clusters hinder adult beginners

Further to my post yesterday re semantic clusters hindering learning, I found an interesting bit of research from the ELTJ March 2009. The research concludes that....

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L1 Language Acquisition for ADULTS

Does anyone know if there's been any real research into first language acquisition in normal adult speakers?I've seen lots of research into L1 acquisition in children and comparisons between that and L2 learning, but surely L1 acquisition in adults has a lot in common with L2 acquisition in adults as well.  Possibly more, because when you think about it:L2 acquisition in adults vs L1 acquisition in children:    L2   Adult                                                                            L1   Children    (no common ground in age or language)Contrast that w


Sugata Mitra shows how kids teach themselves

Sugata Mitra's "Hole in the Wall" experiments have shown that, in the absence of supervision or formal teaching, children can teach themselves and each other, if they're motivated by curiosity


Tests blamed for blighting children's lives

Children's lives are being impoverished by the government's insistence that schools focus on literacy and numeracy at the expense of creative teaching, the biggest review of the primary school curriculum in 40 years finds today. 


What does research show about the benefits of language learning?

In this age of accountability in education, policymakers and administrators, as well as parents, are increasingly demanding to know what research studies show regarding the benefits of language learning. 


Enquiring Minds

Enquiring Minds is an approach to teaching and learning, developed by Futurelab, that takes students’ ideas, interests and experiences as its starting point, and provides them with more responsibility for the direction and content of their learning. 


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