Online Safety

Nowadays, there are many sources educators can consult to learn about Internet safety, how we are protecting our students while surfing the net, or how we ensure their online safety. I then realized that this "issue" was discussed and taught effectively more than thirteen years ago, when I first started teaching in the United States. Today, more than ever, I have to admit that my experience as a High School teacher in the U.S gave me a vast knowledge of the subject, trained me many years before this topic was arisen in some other parts of the world, mainly in my home country, Argentina.

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Kyle Mawer: Online safety with young learners

Working in a Young Learner Centre and being a techie teacher (we have IWBs and a computer room) means that online safety for my learners is very important. I tell my learners about my acronym N.A.I.L., which stands for

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