Online Safety

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      Nowadays, there are many sources educators can consult to learn about Internet safety, how we are protecting our students while surfing the net, or how we ensure their online safety.


      Only a Game

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      While browsing a site about online safety, I found this idea for a short play to do with students:

      Online safety for young learners

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      Using the Internet for teaching young learners can be very rewarding, and I do it a lot.

      Facebook or Safebook

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      Last year, I read a very

      Safer children in a digital world

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      Dear all, As far as I know, my school does not have a specific policy regarding cyber bullying. Does yours?

      KS3/4 ICT - Online Safety

      This programme outlines simple classroom activities to help teachers to take practical steps to keep pupils safe online and to increase awareness of the potential dangers of internet usage. (Video)... 

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