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29 Jun 2016

I've compiled many "Best" lists for English Language Learners.

30 Dec 2015

Extensive research has shown that a scaffolded and supported goal setting process, particularly one where students choose their own...

27 Oct 2015

In this post, Larry Ferlazzo looks at activities that can help to raise awareness among students of the concept of metacognition.

24 Sep 2015

My journey towards becoming a classroom teacher began when I spent nineteen years as a community organizer working in low-and-moderate...

31 Mar 2015

The issue of "error correction," particularly focused on grammar, can be a controversial topic in ESL/ELL circles.

27 Feb 2015

Reading, writing, listening and speaking in a new language demands a number of prerequisites -- a desire to do so; a certain level of...

27 Jan 2015

Grammar is not always the favorite part of language that educators want to teach or students want to learn. Let's take a quick look...

06 Jan 2015

Many schools, especially those with small English Language Learner populations, do not create separate classes for Beginners and...

04 Nov 2014

Facilitating learning is now expected of modern teachers, but what does that actually mean?

Ideas for strengthening English skills over the summer
08 Jul 2014

Our school year ended in mid-June and our District had little money for actual summer school.

Scene at an airport of people waiting in a queue to board a plane
10 Jun 2014

The Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM) is my favorite, and central, instructional strategy for teaching Beginning English Language...

06 May 2014

It's that time of year for many of us -- just a few weeks left in a very long school year.

07 Apr 2014

The Latin root of the word motivation means "that which inwardly moves a person to behave a certain way."

ELTPics_photo by Victoria Boobyer
06 Mar 2014

There are countless bright and shiny sites on the Web to choose from, and the "cool" factor of many can be very seductive to...

06 Feb 2014

Assessing our English Language Learner students can be a minefield, especially in the face of potential outside-of-class pressures from...

16 Jan 2014

This blog looks at using a 'three-two-one' speaking activity for all levels.