ESA: Engage, Study, and Activate

 I would love to share an article that I read with you: In How to Teach English [Longman 1998]by  Jeremy Harmer.Our students need to be motivated, exposed to the language, and given a chance to see it. Thus Jeremy Harmer proposes the following term to help our students with language acquisition:   ESA: Engage, Study, and Activate Engage v     Teachers try to arouse the students’ interest and involve their emotions. v     Students should feel amused, moved, stimulated, and challenged in order to not feel bored.

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Jeremy Harmer Lectures

I had quite a bit of spare time today (don't say, "Lucky you", because I have 12 lessons tomorrow!) and I was watching some of Jeremy Harmer's conference speeches to try and pick up some tips from the "TEFL master". Surely, you have all come across him before at some point, at least through the standard text 'The Practice of English Language Teaching', among others.

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