"In the (video) Game of Life I don't like the character I'm playing for" (c)

Let's conjugate a little bit, why don't we? I love games, you love games, he-she-it(?!) loves games, we love games. There's no denying that a lot have been said about using games in teaching languages.

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I am really thankful to my students who made that great job on the streets of our city Vilnius. An idea to organize a special team “English Club” unites schoolchildren of different ages (from 7 to 19), students who are interested in different activities, such as weeks of English language at school, different projects, presentations of different plays in English for our primary classes, helping the primary to conduct the Comenius-1 project activities. All in all, there is always something you can put your heart and brain in.

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The conditions and level of ICT integration in Malaysian Smart Schools

This qualitative study attempts to describe the conditions that facilitated the implementation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) integration in the Malaysian Smart School and the problems that emerge during the process of integration. 

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