Conditional sentences as a Style of Life

I entered the university in the Soviet Union and graduated in the Russian Federation. My studies coincided with one of the most painful periods in the history of my country. Conditional sentences were our favourite grammar structure: “If only we had a copier…”. Or: “If only we had enough copies of books…”. Each cassette, book or film brought from abroad was a treasured possession, and we made the most of every page, leaflet, postcard we could get. Life has changed so much since then, and access to information in foreign languages is no longer a problem.

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Future of Higher Education: How Technology Will Shape Learning

This paper reports the results of a study of nearly 300 CIOs and technology leaders inside and outside of education. 


Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World

As we began our work, the online lifestyle of young people going into higher education was inescapable, and those working in it had sensed a clear change in their students’ pre-entry experience. 


Is e-learning failing in higher education?

In particular, although there are many innovative ‘projects’, often dependent on the work of inspired and hard-working individual instructors, and although many institutions have put in place learning technology and faculty development initiatives, there appears to be little systemic change


UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge

The UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge is an initiative focusing on research in and on Higher Education and Knowledge, with the objective to widen our understanding of systems, structures, policies, trends and developments in higher education, research and knowledge with a special focus on low and middle income countries. 


Learner engagement

The purpose of this report is to provide educators working within primary, secondary, further and higher education with a guide to how learner voice is currently being used to shape policy and practice in education...

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