Five Reasons for Using Authentic Video in the Classroom

This blog entry gives five reasons for using authentic video in the classroom as part of teaching English. With the proliferation of video websites teachers are turning their eyes on this resource to bring some life and energy into the classroom.

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Interactive video website for English learners - English Video Tweets

English Video Tweets is a website I have set up to help English language learners and teachers find the best video resources on the Internet for learning EnglishEnglish Video Tweets has 3 main aims...

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Using Short Videos to Teach Vocabulary

I am conducting a feasibility study at London Business School on developing a new system for teaching vocabulary that uses short comedic video clips to illustrate the meanings of words.  I am looking to speak with English teachers about how they currently teach vocabulary for KS3 and whether they think this approach could work. I would be most appreciative of any feedback and/or the opportunity to discuss this further.

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