Romance/Living in a city: Free TEFL lesson plan (video)

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      As romance is in the air this week for Valentine's Day, I thought you might like to utilise this lesson plan that I made recently.

      Five Reasons for Using Authentic Video in the Classroom

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      This blog entry gives five reasons for using authentic video in the classroom as part of teaching English.

      Interactive video website for English learners - English Video Tweets

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      English Video Tweets is a website I have set up to help English language learners and teachers find the best video resources on the Internet for l

      Online video for ELT

      In this article I am going to explore the use of short video clips in the classroom. 

      By short videos I am referring to short clips such as news items, short documentaries, music videos and trailers for films etc.

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      Using Short Videos to Teach Vocabulary

      I am conducting a feasibility study at London Business School on developing a new system for teaching vocabulary that uses short comedic video clips to illustrate the meanings of words.


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      In the past when I thought about the Royals I always had in my mind the idea of distant, cold people, closed in beautiful mansions, far from common humans.

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