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If you ask a student for his/her address, the answer we get today is something like, freeman@gmail.com. Quite often, they have no idea that the word “address” in English means not only one’s email, but also a physical place where one lives, and a person’s title, name etc. Usually, school textbooks do not have a specific unit dedicated to addressing people. Let us look at various helpful exercises.
Reading. Part 1. Headings for Paragraphs.

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Essays: topics to suggest

According to the modern standards of education essays are considered a proper means of developing students' skills.They help to improve writing skills, elaborate the style, expand the outlook and maintain creativity.But if to dwell upon the latter aspect in particular we should bear in mind that creativity can be developed only if the topics suggested for essay writing presuppose it.For example, we cannot expect something original from the essay if the topic sounds "My summer vacation" (that is still relevant for some teachers and is given as the first hometask in September).Probably it's d

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Using a Video to Practice Expressions of Opinions (for essays)

One of the great things about blogging is that reading someone else's post can inspire you, even if you end up doing something completely different with it.Sandy Millin has a special blog designed just to inspire teachers, called(Almost) Infinite Elt Ideas.

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Any suggestion about how to teach compare and contrast essays?

 This week I am going to teach compare and contrast essay to my students. Last year tried a couple of activities but this year ı wanted to do sth different. Do you have any suggestion about it? My students are between 17 and 20 years old. They are university prep. students. They are going to be journalists.

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Essay help

Essay HelpEssay writing is an undeniable fact, so is essay help! As a rule, all types of students require essay help with their writing assignments one way or the other. It doesn’t matter if your subject is chemistry, mathematics or engineering, you still need to write lab reports or evidence reports and for that, you definitely require some basic writing skills. This proves that getting essay help is as inevitable as breathing for each and every student no matter what subject one takes. 


ESOL Mash ups

No, its not time for us to chow down but rather use existing media and
programs to make something new. This could mean using our own videos
and photos along with stuff we find on the internet.

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