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      Nina MK, Ph.D.
      If you ask a student for his/her address, the answer we get today is something like, freeman@gmail.com.

      Essays: topics to suggest

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      According to the modern standards of education essays are considered a proper means of developing students' skills.They help to improve writing skills, elaborate the style, expand the outlook and m

      Using a Video to Practice Expressions of Opinions (for essays)

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      One of the great things about blogging is that reading someone else's post can inspire you, even if you end up doing something completely different with it.

      Any suggestion about how to teach compare and contrast essays?

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       This week I am going to teach compare and contrast essay to my students. Last year tried a couple of activities but this year ı wanted to do sth different.

      ESOL Mash ups

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      No, its not time for us to chow down but rather use existing media and
      programs to make something new. This could mean using our own videos
      and photos along with stuff we find on the internet.

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