Required - English teachers in Spain to help with MA dissertation study

Good Morning (or time frame wherever you may be) all,I'm currently undertaking an MA in ELT at a British university and am looking for some assistance from English teachers in Spain. The project is looking into varieties of English and i'm looking for a range of teachers, (from NQTs to settled expats, Native speaker and Non native speaker) to interview in regards to their experiences in Spain. The interviews would be conducted via email so there would be no need for you to do anything more than answer a few questions with regards to your Spanish experience.


Writing a dissertation. How to make another try?!

It's five years from now when I've finished my postgraduate course. All these years I was teaching, busy with a second childbearing and caring, money earning. Now I am a senior teacher in the same University and I feel it's time to refresh my writing and doing the research. The  thing is, the main problem I was investigating is not so interesting and new any more. A lot of similar works had been written already and I have to find a niche in methodology suitable for me, or may be somehow rename the topic.

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