I think that crosswords can be a great way to motivate and interest EFL students participate in classes. I guess that in all times crosswords have been so successful and encouraging. Being so simple in their nature crosswords are successful to check and enlarge vocabulary, to develop spelling.

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English For Everyone

In my previous blogs I tried to share links for those who are interested in using cartoons, songs, worksheets, etc. as teaching young learners. And now in this post I would like to share a useful site for those who have teenage or adult students. This site is a great one as it involves a lot of printable teaching materials. In fact the site is for Grade School, GED and ESL. I made use of them and I may assure that your students won’t face any great difficulties or problems. http://www.englishforeveryone.org/

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Fill Your Bag of Tricks! Suggestions...

Crosswords for learning English are really motivating for students, especially teenage boys! They love them. Check out this website:http://www.eslflow.com/Elementarycrosswordpuzzles.htmlIf you cannot find a crossword mathcing the topic and vocabulary you are covering, MAKE you own crossword, just enter the words and proper definitions for them, and VOILA!!!

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English during break? Writing on doors? Sure!

I try to keep my pupils English-aware in every moment. We all like happy places and feeling comfortable, and kids should enjoy the learning process, so I like keeping my classroom colorful and as bright as possible! Walls are full of posters (as are yours I suppose) grammar charts, maps of English speaking countries, pupils artwork etc.

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Crosswords and quizzes

Crosswords and quizzes are always popular with learners but it can be difficult to find ones at the appropriate language level. The ones on this page http://www.eslreading.org/activities/crosswords.html are linked to themed webpages.
Any other suggestions>

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