Getting students with low confidence to talk.

I've got a class right now consisting of 9 15-17 year old students,  5 of which won't speak English. Not in "full class", and hardly even smaller groups of 2 or 3. They won't talk "if I'm there" (and I assume they don't talk when I'm not there either), and it's becoming a big problem. Both on account of it being very hard to conduct any kind of oral exercise in class since I know those 5 will remain silent (and the remaining are considerably more confident and will take over), but also because it becomes hard to assess them.


Teaching English: It's A New Thing

Hello,I am going to be teaching in Indonesia very soon. I am very excited at the prospect of teaching however have grown more and more nervous about it . . . purely because a good friend of mine has had four years training on lesson plans, classroom management and, well, pretty much everything. I actually feel like I may fall on my face when I get there. The biggest issue for me, ironically, is the language barrier. I want to be able to do an effective job.


Unconfident teacher seeks grammar reassurance

HelloI qualified last year and have only been teaching one day a week in a very ad hoc way as a volunteer - I plan my lessons from scratch and don't follow a text book. Usually I'm teaching complete beginners or beginners with some basic language.I would like to look for permanent jobs but since finishing my CELTA I seem to have lost confidence - especially in my grammar skills.

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