More than words can say

Hello everybody,This is my first post on the blogathon in nearly a week. Not the way it was supposed to be but with good reason. Unfortunately, last week my wife's aunt passed away after suffering for several months with cancer and we were obviously pre-occupied with the funeral and its arrangements.It would be inappropriate to reflect on the experience at length here but one thing that struck me about it all was the power we have to communicate with much more than words.

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How to communicate with and motivate teenagers

These are the things that worked for me. I realized that you can not take a teenager and motivate him. You can only find out what motivates him and use this knowledge while teaching.

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Good morning teacher!

Why take "good morning" seriously? Here is my good morning teacher manifesto:

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CLIL Principles

CLIL Principles             What is C LIL? It  is an approach or a method which integrates content and non native language. The teacher has to clear up the differences among different ways of delivering lessons:

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How different is it to teach students from different countries?

I've been invited to take part in a webinar with a title (that's not the final title yet) "Cross-cultural communication". One of my ideas was to look at the communication from a different point of view: teacher-student communication, provided that a teacher is of a different nationality than a student. I am one of the examples - a Polish person teaching English in Brazil.  So for that I need to collect characteristics of English students from different countries. Have you ever had an opportunity to teach people of a diferent nationality?


Teaching English: It's A New Thing

Hello,I am going to be teaching in Indonesia very soon. I am very excited at the prospect of teaching however have grown more and more nervous about it . . . purely because a good friend of mine has had four years training on lesson plans, classroom management and, well, pretty much everything. I actually feel like I may fall on my face when I get there. The biggest issue for me, ironically, is the language barrier. I want to be able to do an effective job.


Words are windows or they're walls...

I'm a trainer in NonViolent Communication (NVC) certified by the international Centre (CNVC). I've lived in South-West France for 16 years and I share what I know about NVC in various domains like companies, couples, families, schools, prison and judicial services....

I'm absolutely
delighted to see that guest writer Barry Tomalin has already introduced a discussion
about NVC!

Using an example of how language affects how we relate to each other, at the point where the first student says to the other :

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Video conferencing for EFL 2

Since my first posting on video conferencing, it seems that a whole wealth of other really useful sites have come to my notice, so i thought I'd share a few here.


12 second TV is an interesting site for what's being refered to as Microblogging. It enables you to create a kind of video blog message which is 12 seconds long


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