More than words can say

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      Hello everybody,

      How to communicate with and motivate teenagers

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      These are the things that worked for me. I realized that you can not take a teenager and motivate him.

      Good morning teacher!

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      Why take "good morning" seriously?

      How different is it to teach students from different countries?

      I've been invited to take part in a webinar with a title (that's not the final title yet) "Cross-cultural communication". One of my ideas was to look at the communication from a di

      Why Webcams Fail

      As it turns out there are some serious psychological and physiological reasons for why webcam experiences are necessarily limited to casual conversation.

      In order to understand why we need to take a good look at how the mind interacts with the computer screen.

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      Words are windows or they're walls...

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      I'm a trainer in NonViolent Communication (NVC) certified by the international Centre (CNVC).

      Video conferencing for EFL 2

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      Since my first posting on video conferencing, it seems that a whole wealth of other really useful sites have come to my notice, so i thought I'd share a few here.


      "i dont mean too bother u but": Student Email and a Call for Netiquette

      Ever since email exploded onto the scene in the early 1990s, it has become a fast, popular, and convenient medium for communication between college students and their professors. 

      Some would argue that it has become too convenient. Students today seem to rely less on face-to-face meetings or phone calls with their instructors and more on electronic mail...

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