Why Webcams Fail

      As it turns out there are some serious psychological and physiological reasons for why webcam experiences are necessarily limited to casual conversation.

      In order to understand why we need to take a good look at how the mind interacts with the computer screen.

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      Interaction and Collaborative Learning – If, Why and How?

      The main purpose of this explorative study was to develop further understanding of factors influencing peer-learner interactions and collaborative learning activities, in an asynchronous computer-mediated learning environment. 

      The study was conducted with a small group of seven students enrolled in a supplementary course for special education teachers.

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      Video conferencing for EFL 2

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      Since my first posting on video conferencing, it seems that a whole wealth of other really useful sites have come to my notice, so i thought I'd share a few here.


      Video conferencing for EFL

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      I've just found a really wonderful free video conferencing tool, that allows you to make video calls live, send video emails, make group conference calls and even create a video feed.

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