Video conferencing for EFL 2

Since my first posting on video conferencing, it seems that a whole wealth of other really useful sites have come to my notice, so i thought I'd share a few here.


12 second TV is an interesting site for what's being refered to as Microblogging. It enables you to create a kind of video blog message which is 12 seconds long


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Video conferencing for EFL

I've just found a really wonderful free video conferencing tool, that allows you to make video calls live, send video emails, make group conference calls and even create a video feed. I've been looking around for something like this for some time now and haven't really come up with anything that was quite what I wanted, but tokbox is really great and has some features I didn't even know I wanted.


I made a video demonstration showing how it works which you can watch and listen to here if you are curious:

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