Blackboard (Teachers' Tools Diary)

Blackboard (Teachers' Tools Diary)Written by Elena Kikteva, Interlingua School, Voronezh I'm a blackboard in Lisky, Voronezh Oblast. I'm happy when I remember old times when students were bright and all boards were black. But I've heard that in some places where there are also bright students but there are white boards... And I dream one day I'll be not black but white!

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Teachers` tool

Blackboard is a part of a classroom which is usually used to make comments which are not often logically connected. How do we usually write on the blackboard? Are our comments systematically or chaotically presented? Can it be used as a visualization tool?  It is very useful to divide the space of the blackboard into several parts and use every part for different purposes. Think about the organization of the material on the blackboard and decide how many parts you need.

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Hello British council et al.,Thank you for allowing me to have a page here.

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