Drama in the classroom, the Oswald awards

One of my responsibilities as Grade 8 Language Arts teacher is to put every single one of my approx. 75 students on stage for a full-length production of the comedy play “Wooing Wed Widing Hood” by Charlie Lovett. Motivating the students to memorize lines, moves and directions and really perform to a full house of parents and teachers isn’t always easy, but I have a Secret Weapon; The Oswald Awards!

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ELTons 2011 announced

I was looking forward the winners of ELTons, a celebration of excellence in English language teaching from around the world, for a long time.

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Awarding students for nothing

Students like to be awarded. Who doesn’t? Some of them really try hard for a little sticker, others are so relaxed about it. There are also some who does not care at all. I like awarding students and I think awarding them for their efforts in English makes me awarded, too. I usually prefer awards which are printable (such as certificates and badges) and I give them for the participation, regular homework, working well or respecting others. I believe students sometimes need to be awarded for nothing.

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