Tips on becoming a good teacher

A couple of days ago I came across the updated version of Dr Kizlik's article and would like to share some points of it with my colleagues.Good teachers:are good at explaining things. Being comfortable with explaining content to students is an essential skill for teachers, regardless of the subject or grade level.keep their cool. There will be times when you will be tempted to scream or yell at your students, other teachers, parents, administrators, and so on. Good teachers are able to successfully resist this urge.

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When I first start  teaching in a small town, after several years I was the first teacher there. Students looked at me as though I was a foreigner. But then they loved English very much and whereever they saw me they always tried to speak English. They even tried to read poems in english especially on special ceromony days. It was made me too proud.Passed 30 years, now most of them are my colleques. How much I'm glad and enjoy, it's less...

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