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Sandy Millin: Accent and identity

I find the relationship between accent and identity fascinating.

Vicky Saumell - Ways of promoting creativity in the classroom

This article is based on a presentation given at IATEFL Harrogate 2014 and is also published in IATEFL 2014 Harrogate Conference...

Rachael Roberts - Realia

Do you use realia in your classroom? What are benefits of using realia?

David Dodgson: Pronunciation - no big deal

In my first teaching job at a language school in Turkey, there was only one thing that really mattered – grammar.


Pronunciation is part and parcel of our daily work, an integral part of the very first lesson of English at Beginner Level, any age.

David Petrie: The autonomous exam student

It may seem, at first glance, that the terms autonomous and exam don’t go together very well.


Realia is one of the words which I explain to senior students.

  • I never noticed my own accent or that of the people around me until I heard my voice for the first time. As part of our language GCSEs (exams at age 16 in the UK) we had to go into a room with a tape recorder and record a piece we’d prepared over...
  • As Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. And as such I think creativity should be an important aspect of teaching and learning. However, it depends on us that creativity finds a place in our classrooms.Some perceived barriers...
  • According to Wikipedia, ‘in education, realia (pronunciation ree-ah-lee-ah) are objects from real life used in classroom instruction by educators to improve students' understanding of other cultures and real life situations’. Some people would...
  • Students judged you by how confidently you could explain different uses of the passive voice, colleagues respected you if you knew your relative clauses, and when the DoS observed you, you would be evaluated on how well you had addressed the focal...
  • I was fortunate to have very good teachers, first at school in Siberia, then at Moscow University. Our school teacher taught us a marvelous fact: NONE of the sounds in our native language were the same as those in English. In our second year of...
  • An autonomous learner is one who goes off and does their own thing while an exam very often acts as a constraint on the learning process, focusing everything in towards what is required to get that passing grade. And yet, it is very often the...
  • I explain it partly because it is a useful one to know, partly due to the fact that its meaning and usage are slightly different from the original in my native language. Realia is one of the nouns used in the plural form, yet it may be followed by a...