Noah's Ark in Space

      This is a small group, free discussion activity aimed at pre-intermediate students and above, in which students are asked to decide which animals should be selected to go aboard a space-craft in order to safeguard their survival. Time: About thirty minutes.


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      What does migration bring?

      This is a listening and speaking activity for students based on the theme of migration. It should be suitable for adult or young adult intermediate level learners. Immigration can be a difficult and controversial topic to tackle and some students may have very strong opinions on this topic. The activity was based on themes from the OPENCities project

      Download a copy of the audio file and/or script. If you are unable to play the audio file, you can read the script to your students.

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      The challenges of being a migrant

      This is a speaking and listening activity that involves students in thinking about the kinds of problems and challenges they might face as a migrant going to Belfast. They then listen to the true stories of 5 migrants talking about the challenges they have faced in moving to Belfast. The activity is based on themes and images from the OPENCities project


      Download a copy of the audio and script for the activity. Make copies of the script for your students.

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      Developing a Nation

      This is a group-work speaking activity for intermediate level and above, where students are asked to make choices about the future economic development of a fictional developing country.

      Download copies of the worksheet to give as handouts to the students.


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      Spending committee

      This is a group activity where students imagine they are going to be part of the committee that will decide how money is spent in their school.

      They should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a list of possible new resources for their school and try to come to a decision about the importance of the items.

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      Speaking activities

      On these pages you will find ideas for classroom activities which involve speaking.

      Latest Speaking Activity

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