Emergency landing

      'Emergency Landing' is a very short story by Louise Cooper, from her collection of very short stories called 'Short and Scary'. This kit is the third in the series for young teens. Engine problems during a flight cause the crew to look for somewhere safe to land and for passengers to wonder about what might happen when they make an emergency landing. But nothing is quite as it seems.

      Unlike previous kits, the text is incorporated in two parts into the worksheets (see 'Context'), otherwise this follows the same pattern as previous kits in the series by having a pre-reading or Ch

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      Complete poetry resuscitation

      A lot of teachers get the same look - the sigh, the rolling eye, the slump. "We're going to be doing poetry in the next few classes". You cringe through it, they cringe through it.

      I have been lucky enough though to discover a few things about poetry and writing which have inspired me and brought me back to believing in my ability to teach it, and my ability to help others lo

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      For the first time, materials for the BritLit project have been produced outside of Portugal, where the project began. Teachers working on BritLit in Hungary have been busily devising a new approach, and they have chosen to focus on four British cities, examining them through the eyes of their native poets. The first of these looks at the city of Liverpool and uses the words of Levi Tafari.

      Levi Tafari has been described as a "crucial, rhythmic, poetic consciousness-raiser and urban griot." He regularly performs and does educational work both in the UK and internationally, as well as

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      A House in the Country

      A House in the Country concerns a returnee, Ray, who has made enough money in London to rebuild a house in Colombo. He is helped by Siri, a young man from the country, and together they talk about building another house, in the country. This is set against the backdrop of Sri Lanka's ongoing civil war. When tragedy comes a bit too close to home, everything changes.

      Romesh Gunesekera was born in Sri Lanka, and has been living and writing in London since the 1970s.

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      Motivating pupils to read 2

      This is the second of two articles that look at ways to apply the process model of motivation as proposed by Dornyei (2001) to a number of suggestions and techniques for making the challenge of reading authentic literature accessible and motivating.

      This article describes ways to maintain motivation, the first one shows how to generate this motivation.

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      Visiting Time

      When journalist Emma Brockes went to get material for a story about a man whose son had been murdered, little did she realise that it would result in the publication of a stunning short story called 'Visiting Time'. It is a story about revenge and accounting for actions, and has a twist that is both factual and literary, when the murderer changes from 'it' to 'him'.

      Emma's story was first published in 'New Writing 12', published by Picador, in 2004.

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