Easter reading

      This is a simple reading task on the theme of Easter in the UK. It helps students learn about how this time is celebrated in the UK and reflect on special occasions in their own culture.

      Easter: Reading task 

      Ask the students to read the text and match the paragraph headings.

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      On the Learn English Kids website you can find a wealth of resources and activities to help children develop their English skills. Here are tips for using and exploiting materials about the topic of clothes, including vocabulary work, skills work to practise reading and listening, and suggestions for further development and creative work.

      The materials are typically based around topics.

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      The seasons

      On the Learn English Kids website you can find a wealth of materials for teaching about the seasons. This is a wide-ranging topic touching on what happens in each season, how seasons differ around the world, why we have seasons and animal behaviour throughout the seasons.

      You can find activities to practise vocabulary, lots of reading activities at different levels including a flash-animated story.

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      Invent a Planet

      In the project students can find out more about all the planets, focus on one individual planet (Saturn) in a fun way, listen and/or read a story about a planet (The Cold Planet) and finally produce a creative and enjoyable piece of art work based on what they have learnt.

      Invent a Planet is an idea for project work for young learners based on the materials available on our site for young learners

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      Kids and writing

      There are many activities which you can use with your learners to help them develop their writing skills. For example, writing stories, book or film reviews, postcards or greetings cards, emails, leaflets, computer game instructions, and so on, as well as, of course, writing on the LearnEnglish Kids website

      In the classroom there are many ways of using these writing activities to help children practise their English whilst developing their creativity and imagination. Here are some examples.

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      Celebr8 by Levi Tafari

      ‘Celebr8' is a poem about inclusion and diversity. It is by the Liverpool based poet Levi Tafari, himself of Jamaican origin.

      This short kit has been produced to support the newly launched British Council project ‘Inclusion and Diversity in Education' (INDIE) which encourages young future leaders from a variety of backgro

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      The Colourful Life of Calum McCall

      Ron Butlin's little tale is a dark little piece, in spite of the title. It's very much a story of loss of dreams and the erosion of natural wonder.

      This kit is part of a new section from BritLit, in response to teachers' enquiries.

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      Louise Cooper’s stories usually have a twist in the tale, and this is no different. It starts off ordinarily enough with a king, a crying princess and a poor suitor for the princess’s hand. So, what happens to cheer the princess up? Probably not what you think.

      This kit is part of a new section from BritLit, and is in response to teachers’ enquiries.

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