Coming Home

This BritLit kit is the first of an experimental kind in which video, audio and text are all used to create the full narrative; in fact, all three media need to be used for the story to be told.


An Interview with Sir Peter

This activity is based on the real story of Merhan Karimi Nasseri, who found himself unable to leave Charles de Gaulle airport in France, but became a popular subject for TV and newspaper interviews. It is a pair-work speaking, listening, reading and writing exercise for students who are at a good intermediate level or above.


Bend it like Beckham

'Bend it like Beckham' is better known as a film, but Nharinder Dhami's book of the same name follows the film faithfully, even reproducing some of the dialogue. The materials in this kit are based on the pivotal Chapter 7 of the book, and also make reference to the film.


Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie

Beryl Bainbridge's black comedy takes as its setting a noisy, argumentative working class family in Liverpool, getting ready to see a pantomime based on Peter Pan.


Magic Pencil

The Magic Pencil exhibition and website celebrated children's book illustration and brought together the work of 13 illustrators who offered familiar as well as new and varied ways of approaching book illustration.

Both offered foreign language teachers of children and teenagers a valuable resource.

Since the Magic Pencil website has now closed, we will continue to host the materials here on TeachingEnglish. You can find ideas and downloadable worksheets for Primary and Secondary level below.



'Weekend' is a short story by the author Fay Weldon, and published by Penguin in 'Modern British Short Stories'. It originally appeared in 'Cosmopolitan' magazine in 1978.  This version of the BritLit kit was significantly revised in 2009.


Moses's Little Brother

The story ‘Moses's Little Brother’ was writter by Ron Butlin, who is from Scotland. The activities that go with it are suitable for secondary age students.


The Hand that Feeds Me

'The Hand that Feeds Me' is a story by the American born writer Michael Z. Lewin, who lives in Bath in England. The narrator has a different view of the city from most people. This kit was written by a group of teachers from Italy, Spain and Portugal who attended the NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) course in Norwich in August 2008.


The Wolf's Tale

The traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood receives a curious twist in this offering by Louise Cooper. The kit has been produced by teachers from Italy, Spain and Portugal and is suitable for a range of abilities and ages.


Hay Festival Segovia kits

These three short kits were the result of a collaborative event in Segovia, Spain, between the organisers of the Hay Festival Segovia 2008 and the British Council, Spain. Teachers and teacher trainers from the Comunidades de Castilla León and Madrid were invited for a one day event which melded specialist BritLit workshops and events with public events featuring authors.


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