Socialising 2: Keeping conversations going

After struggling to break the ice, the next obstacle is to keep the conversation going beyond the initial conversation. For this reason, this lesson aims to provide students with a bank of around 15 questions that they would feel comfortable asking in a conversation with a new acquaintance. They will also learn more general techniques involving different types of questions and the skill of turn-taking. Finally, they will practise all the skills from the lesson in a role-play game.


What can it be?

what can it be teaching kids lesson plan

In this lesson, students will be introduced to the popular song ‘What can it be?’ They will listen to the song, complete comprehension activities, practise the animals, mythical creatures and body parts in the song, as well as the ‘has got’ and possessive ’s structures, and sing the song. Finally students can do some extension work based on the song, inventing, writing and singing about their own mythical creature.


Kids and listening

kids and listening teaching kids article

Why not use the activities on LearnEnglish Kids for listening practice with your young learners?

Here are some tips and ideas on how to use the LearnEnglish Kidswebsite for listening practice with your classes.

Where can I find listening materials?

On LearnEnglish Kids you’ll find a variety of listening materials, including:

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