Back writing

      This is a good activity for restless younger classes.


      A Dark and stormy night

      The main focus of this activity is on developing writing skills, but it's also good for developing listening speaking and reading skills and also for practising past tenses, descriptive vocabulary and generally having fun.

      The activity should work at most levels above elementary, as long as your students have some knowledge of past tenses, but it works best when they also know past continuous / progressive too.


      Desert Island Escape

      This is a speaking activity for higher level students with good imaginations.


      The Coffeepot game

      This game is good for practising and reviewing action verbs and adverbs.



      Telephone Wires

      This is the classic children’s party game sometimes known as ‘Chinese whispers’.

      • A sentence is whispered around the circle of students. The last student to receive the message either says it aloud or writes it on the board.

      The Chat Room

      This is a fun question and answer writing activity.

      It can be especially useful if you have to substitute a class at the last minute as it takes no preparation at all. Each student needs a blank piece of paper and a pen.



      This childhood board game can easily be adapted for use in the language classroom.

      • Either copy a battleships board for each student or, to save photocopying, just get them to copy a board onto some scrap paper or in their notebook.
      • The reason for putting the vowels

      The Yes and No game

      This is a great game to practise questions.

      Nominate one student to be in the hot seat, slightly apart from the rest of the circle. The rest of the group must think of questions to ask the student in the hot seat.



      This activity is great for practising intonation.

      Put students in pairs and give them a scene to act out. They are going to have a conversation using an invented language.


      Two word games

      These games can be played throughout the school year but are also very useful as a round up at the end of term.

      You can play them a few times. First play with the whole class and then try in groups (good for mixed ability groups).

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