Kids and listening

      Why not use the activities on LearnEnglish Kids for listening practice with your young learners?

      Here are some tips and ideas on how to use the LearnEnglish Kidswebsite for listening practice with your classes.

      Where can I find listening materials?

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      The longest time

      This is a speaking exercise for pre-intermediate level learners and above. It practises the use of the ‘present perfect' to talk about something (an activity or state) that starts in the past and continues now. It could be used to introduce this area or to provide further general practice later.

      Learners complete a series of statements with the names of other people in the class and then talk to those people to see if their ideas are right and to find out additional information.

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      Producing your own grammar activities

      There are many ways of revising and consolidating grammar, but I've found it's often useful to give students short passages containing grammar mistakes which are characteristic of the student's level, nationality, and what the teacher may have identified as areas of particular strength or weakness.

      What kind of grammar?

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      Kids and writing

      There are many activities which you can use with your learners to help them develop their writing skills. For example, writing stories, book or film reviews, postcards or greetings cards, emails, leaflets, computer game instructions, and so on, as well as, of course, writing on the LearnEnglish Kids website

      In the classroom there are many ways of using these writing activities to help children practise their English whilst developing their creativity and imagination. Here are some examples.

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      The not-so-hidden resource - students

      Every classroom has them, and every teacher has no doubt used them at some time in their career. Many teachers have no doubt cursed them in the darker days of their lives.

      Indeed one colleague of mine once said that "teaching would be great if it wasn't for the students." Joking aside, students can be an invaluable resource, and for some perhaps the only resource.

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      Bingo mingle

      In the event you have students who are stressed out or just plain bored by the dull approach to teaching grammar, there's a game you can play that will lure students into a communication approach to what is being taught.

      I used this for teaching Present Perfect tense. It is just like bingo, but involves the students mingling and asking questions.

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      Speaking activities

      On these pages you will find ideas for classroom activities which involve speaking.

      Latest Speaking Activity

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      A Perfect story

      The present perfect is a tense that many students have problems with. Most course books provide only controlled grammar sentences where students choose the correct tense.

      This activity leads students into writing a short story using the past simple, present perfect simple and continuous, but in a more creative way.

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