In this lesson students practise forming, asking and answering ‘wh’ questions in the past tense. They play two games and do a mingling activity.


Kids and listening

kids and listening teaching kids article

Why not use the activities on LearnEnglish Kids for listening practice with your young learners?

Here are some tips and ideas on how to use the LearnEnglish Kids website for listening practice with your classes.

Where can I find listening materials?

On LearnEnglish Kids you’ll find a variety of listening materials, including:

Learner Audience: 

Teaching the tale: language and memory

A feature that is common both to language teaching and to traditional folk and fairy tales is the repetition of phrases or ‘language chunks’. 


Lucky number 6

This is a quick simple game that reviews question forms and can be used as a warmer or a filler at the end of the lesson with all students aged 7 – 11.


To Catch A Thief: Past simple and past continuous practice.

I use this activity as practice for using narrative tenses, particularly past simple and progressive/continuous with pre-intermediate students. It is a very structured activity in which students write a short newspaper article about a robbery.


Noughts and crosses quiz game

I have found this game to be very popular with teenagers although it can be used with both younger learners and adult groups as well. I often use it as a warmer or as an end-of-lesson game. Although a pre-intermediate level of English may be required to understand the questions, even elementary groups might be motivated enough to try this game.


Note writing

This is an activity which is really useful for helping learners to write more fluently and can also help you to diagnose problems with your students' written work and ability to formulate questions.

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