Programme 7: Using English in the classroom

 In a recent programme we heard about ways that teachers can develop their English skills and their confidence. This is important because teachers often don’t like to speak English in class. 


Listen and draw

This is a simple speaking activity that can be used with A2 level groups to provide practice in using prepositions of place and giving clear instructions. The lesson is usually successful with adults and teenagers.


Kids and listening

kids and listening teaching kids article

Why not use the activities on LearnEnglish Kids for listening practice with your young learners?

Here are some tips and ideas on how to use the LearnEnglish Kids website for listening practice with your classes.

Where can I find listening materials?

On LearnEnglish Kids you’ll find a variety of listening materials, including:

Learner Audience: 

Kids and arts and crafts

kids and arts and crafts teaching kids article

There are lots of things to make, as well as videos to watch on LearnEnglish Kids:

On this page you will find tips and ideas for using and extending the activities in the classroom.



The cooking test

This is a writing and speaking activity that is a lot of fun for students. It helps them to practise food and cooking-related vocabulary as well as how to give instructions.

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