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03 Feb 2010

This is a good game for high-energy groups when you need to get them all sitting down and on task.

20 Jan 2010

This is a great activity to get students moving about and practise some vocabulary or sentence structures.

06 Jan 2010

This is like a role-play activity with no dialogue!

02 Dec 2009

This is a fun activity to create a group story. Each student needs a blank sheet of paper and a pen. If possible, sit in a circle shape...

25 Nov 2009

These activities all use letters from the classic game of Scrabble.

11 Nov 2009

An essential skill in communicating and keeping up a conversation is the ability to ask questions.



  • It needs a little bit of preparation time for you to write out the problem cards. This example is set in a hotel, but you can adapt this to any scenario where functional language would be used, such as at the train station, in a restaurant or at the...
  • Each student adds one stage to the story then folds the paper to cover the information and passes the paper to the student on the right. At each stage, before folding and passing to the student on the right, give these instructions.
  • IntroductionIt requires a bit of preparation to prepare the scrabble letters but they can be used with all ages and levels so it may well be a good investment of your time.You need to prepare five sets of scrabble letters (download these below)....
  • IntroductionStudents sometimes get lots of chances to answer questions but here is how you can get them to make some questions themselves! These activities can be used with a whole range of levels.FAQ's challengeTell students that they are preparing...
  • Procedure
  • Procedure