Vocabulary revision game

      I have been teaching in Brazil for almost two years and I absolutely love what I do. Throughout these 19 months I have tried some activities with my groups, some were not very successful, but others worked out really well.

      This is a revision activity.

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      Fun revision quiz

      This activity is based on the format of most of the quiz shows currently shown on television. I have tried it with different ages and levels and it has proved to be a fun and challenging way of doing revision.

      Prepare a set of questions on vocabulary areas, grammar points, verb patterns, etc. from recent lessons. The questions could go along the lines of:

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      Chalk and cheese

      This activity looks at ways of making comparative forms by asking learners to compare things that are usually thought of as opposites.

      It can be used to revise structures or to present them as part of an inductive approach. It also encourages learners to be creative.

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      Remember the last class - Revision at the beginning of a lesson

      This is a simple way to start the lesson with revision that uses the board.

      I often start off a lesson with a class by simply saying at the beginning of the class 'What do you remember from the last English lesson?' Now, perhaps that lesson was one or two days ago, perhaps

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      Slap the board - A vocabulary revision activity

      Slap the board is an energetic vocabulary activity - it can be used for revision, presentation and testing - which involves students running to and hitting the board.

      • You put the vocabulary items on the board in any order - jumbled and sometimes a little bit higher than the tallest kid can reach, so that they'll have to jump.
      • Form groups.
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