Could you answer who speaks well a language?

Could you answer who speaks well a language? All in the world by various methods. This might be the right answer, think I. Every living being does it of course! Demonstratively, textually and verbally, every being born in the world does it. Nodding head, showing palms, crying even twisting body when one is in womb room all is way of communication indeed. None is dump in this globe, and all know what to communicate to others, but the challenge is on verbal channel the amongst. Verbl and textual require a formate to be done impromptually on processing communication. How to formate is known as how to speak. The lack of sense in formatting is gotten not because of having less strength of vocabulary but having deficiency knowing rules of a language and putting nuts into mind like a spontenous action. I would say, if we project this on our teaching, we can make a student speak English like cutting a cake. V.MAHENDIRAN

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