V.Mahendiran's basic grammar task 1.3

 Now you could perfectly identify the voice, tense and transitivity; also could change the voice of any kind of sentence.

Although the same exercise has been trialled earlier, for an aim of sharpening and enhancing skill to form a sentence, it’s practiced again; surely you will realize the importance of this exercise because, forming sentences under the standardised rules is a first requirement of a learner.

* Read each of the following sentences, identify the voice, tense and statement of each, state transitive or not if it is in active voice, state personal or impersonal if it is in passive voice and change the voice.[ Do remember Only transitive in active and personal in passive can be changed the voice]

1) Who is there?

2) They have been selected.

3) Grease should not be applied here.

4) By whom was the last shift monitored?

5) Could you speak Hindi?

6) Where has he gone?

7) When are you to submit your thesis?

8) Did he come there or not?

9) Installing your items in to this system has been completed successfully.

10) Would you please ring up me at 10 o clock?

11) What will you do there without a sufficient fund?

12) From what time is cash counted by the authorities here?

13) Should I submit the details along with these photos?

14) The methodology what you follow will have made at least hundred skilful personalities.

15) ECE is not so far from CSE and IT.

16) The guys protesting here actually were to do it in Chennai.

17) Why was the cultural function which had been assigned after a long time postponed by the director?

18) How could you know it yesterday itself while all notice it just now?

19) Won’t my doing this thing cause any trouble to my juniors in future?

20) Ask the guy who already faced the problem in this data base to help you.


Let me give the key for this task in my next post, till then just you share your answer.

Thanking you

V..Mahendiran, AP in English, mechanical department,

EGS.Pillay engineering college Nagapattinam

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