Let me say first, in India how system of English language teaching is.

Likely in all boards in India, English is taught to make one to answer the text book questions towards an exam point of view. Students even UG level are memorising answers and inserting on the answer scripts.

Because students are doing so, their knowledge is assessed based on their getting marks. we can see many students though their academy records are fair, they couldn't ride the English horse for their life.

Many placed in higher posts are seeking help to make even a draft. they are afraid of grammar. They feel voice tense and statement rules have been taught only for getting marks.

Many do not know to use auxiliaries which do a vital role in English language; in fact auxiliary is not considered as one of the parts of speech in Grammar, unfortunately auxiliaries are merged with verbs. Whereas verbs are empowered by auxiliaries, how could auxiliaries be merged with verbs?

I would say 'which aux to be used in which tense voice versa'-ought to be deeply syllabised. on other hand the habitual(functional) teaching system has to be introduced or improved to students. I am ready to extend my hand in this regard if the text book corporation seeks contribution.

Thanking you




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