Different auxiliary verbs - Willing to be good in English language ought to distinguish these. The difficult matter in English is , to know the difference among them.

Let's know what auxiliary is.
A word which supports to verbs is known as auxiliary; it's role is only supporting verbs;it can never be used as a verb
MAY CAN SHALL WILL MIGHT COULD SHOULD WOULD MUST and OUGHT TO are known as auxiliaries, also they are called modals.

What is auxiliary verb?
A word which is used as an auxiliary and as a verb in different situation is known as so.
DO DOES HAVE HAS DID HAD BE BEEN and BEING are known called Auxiliary verbs.

What is Aux cum verb?
A word which is used a verb supporting itself as an auxiliary is known as aux cum verb; they don't require auxiliaries.
AM IS ARE WAS WERE are called as above.

What is verb?
A word which gives an action to a sentence and needs an auxiliary's support is called verb
Millions of verbs are there in English and they are functioning as four forms such as present form, past form, past participle form and present participle form. verbs are used form versa on tenses with an auxiliary's support.

We'll discuss more about this with examples in another spot later. If you have any clarification in this regard, don't hesitate to call me.

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