A typical school day in a British School

I've meant to write about it for a long time, but I felt I was not competent enough. Well, neither I am now :)  However, I can still write a little bit now and add more later.

The classes start at 9 am, but the children come earlier than that in order to register with their class teachers. If I have the first lesson, I come to school at 8.55 so I don't have to come through this big crowd of pupils in the hall.

Each lesson lasts 55 (!!!) minutes!! Trust me, it's hard. Even in American college that was 50 minutes! Maybe this is a good decision considering the number of students in each class (over 30), but it's impossible to keep their attention for an hour...

There are NO BREAKS between lesson 1 and 2, lesson 2 and 3. And no bells as well. After the first lesson the children simply go to another classroom. And there is no bell signifying the beginning of the second lesson. As a result, they are always late. Wouldn't you be? ;)

After lesson 2 there is a 20 minute break. I have no idea what the kids do during this time (yet) as all teachers go to the staff room to enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee, with cookies sometimes. That's the most pleasant time at work for some of them. Well, I remember having the same feeling when in Moscow... though no one provides free tea for Russian teachers...

Lesson 3&4 go without any breaks as well. Then there's a long lunch-break after which students have one more class. As a result the school day ends at 3.20 pm. It seems the school dies out after this time )) There are only cleaning ladies around... Kind of creepy actually.

to be continued...

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