What are teacher trainers called in different settings?

I have met ‘teacher trainers’ who are called or who call themselves: teacher educators, inspectors, mentors, senior teachers, experts, academic directors, coaches, master teachers, supervisors, lead teachers, co-operating teachers and curriculum leaders! And many more that are even more exotic! ‘FIFO’ for example! Each name has a different connotation, I think. Some sound very academic, some sound helpful and others sound more authoritarian and judgmental. And, in turn, they each suggest different names for the teachers they work with.

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Teacher training

As you may know, (if you have had a peep at the video interview I did with the kind hosts of the TeachingEnglish web site when we were all at the IATEFL conference in Cardiff in April of this year), (or if you have had time to read the biography I submitted), I have been the editor of a journal called the Teacher Trainer for the last 23 years! I started this journal for foreign language and TESOL teacher trainers, teacher educators and mentors for Pilgrims.

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