This blog looks at a different issue related to coursebook use in the EFL classroom.

If we talk exhaustively about how the teacher can adapt the coursebook materials to satisfy the needs of their students, I will tackle another strange issue related to the coursebooks as well.

I had an ESL teaching experience in one of the non-English speaking countries.The learners started to learn English from scratch using British coursebooks at the beginner level.There was no problem whatsoever in doing so, but what surprised me that the learners were assigned an American coursebook at the next linguistic level, (A2).I could not have comprehended the administration’s purpose of executing such changes.

Then I had to discuss scientifically the importance of sticking to either British coursebooks or American coursebooks .I explained that giving a chain of progressive ESL courses in this fashion is considered to be inconsistent methodology of teaching and that would rather be confusing and perplexing to the learners.They seemed to be uncomprehending and unconvinced with my point of view.I clarified that the British methodology of teaching available in the coursebook of the first level(A1) is different from the American methodology tackled in the coursebook of the second level(A2).There must be some consistency in the methodology of teaching. If that consistency is not achieved during the process of learning and taking the courses ,that would mean that the learners would suffer from potentially negative impacts . The negative impacts would be represented in the learners’ incapability of attaining the target objective,fluency.

I added that the learners can use the British and the American methodologies interchangeably at the advanced levels .By that level,the learners will have built strong basis in English.Then all what they are in need of is to perfect and furbish their language.And they have to dip into the cultures of the English-speaking world to have comprehensive learning experience.

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