Hello everyone! I'm from Turkey, I'm an English Teacher and at the same time I'm working at an International Education Agency as a Academic Advisor. I use this blog competition for two reasons which are really important for Turkish students and teachers.Learning a second language is difficult however teaching a second language is more difficult than it.First we should believe it is really worthy to teach a word for somebody and than we make him/her believe to learn it in advance.We can help,assist,and display the different ways of Teaching English each other.I'm really happy for learning a new trend for the students.All the best, Mrs.Sultan Sayin

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Mrs. Sayin,
I totally agree with you and believe that we have the responsibility of improving ourselves so as to help our students more. By this way, our students can be better teachers, doctors, and lawyers etc. It's all related to one another.

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Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply. And also knowing there are peaople who are thinking as me makes me so happy.