Oh the introduction, and when do I put the examples.. and what about the explanation.. and oh my God the conclusion, what to write there?!

An ESSAY is just like a great, big, fat, juicy HAMBURGER!


The BUNS are the introduction and the conclusion. Basically the same.(What will I write about AND What did I write about)


The DRESSING are the FACTS and the EXAMPLES.


Once you draw this HAMBURGER on the blackboard they remember the scheme forever! :))

On the other hand, the PARAGRAPH is just like a big flashy TRAFFIC LIGHT upside down!

GREEN LIGHT - GO! - write the topic sentence

YELLOW LIGHT - SLOW DOWN! - give reasons, facts, why?

RED LIGHT - STOP! - give examples

BO BACK! - concluding with topic sentence


Happy driving, just don´t get the ketchup on your lap! :)

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