I went to Washington D.C. while visitng my brother and his family in Oct. 2006. He lives in Ashburn-Virginia, only an hour far from the capital of the U.S. While I was there, I have been invited with my brother Joe to  stage a presentation on life and art in Italy at the Tuscany Club “Lucchesi nel Mondo”. This is what they had written about us:  “On Saturday 21-Oct-06, Joseph Ganci and his sister, Sally Ganci, will stage a fascinating presentation on life and art in Italy. Sally lives in Italy, in the province of Emilia. Sally is a renowned artisan in Italy, carving designs into stone. Joe and Sally will talk about their lives, part of which was spent growing up in Italy, and what they love about Italian life and art”. It has been a very interesting evening, sharing with other Italians living in the U.S., my life and love for Italy. 

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