Teaching is a passion, an excitement and all about life. Witnessing the spark of understanding in the students’ eyes, the rapport and bond between students and teacher… the positives are endless and there are no negatives. Syllabus and curriculum remain old, but newer students every year bring new experiences to the teacher.

2018 was slightly different for me in the sense that I had the opportunity to be part of a classroom Action Research Project. My grade 11 students who were placed in A2-B1 level in their grade 10th Board Examination had English, Fashion Studies and Food Technology. English texts had difficult vocabulary. The other two subjects too had technical vocabulary which they found very difficult to understand and use independently. I wanted to use classroom Action Research to enhance my students’ learning experience with new and difficult vocabulary.

As my students were not interested in traditional techniques of enhancing vocabulary, I wanted to use Word Wall which is a versatile and simple tool to enhance vocabulary. In the school where I teach, it has always been used in the primary classes and never in higher grades. I put this tool to good use referring to the ‘Wall’ of words from English text while teaching. Further, my class discussed meanings, synonyms, antonyms and other forms of verbs. Teachers of Fashion Studies and Food Technology also had put up difficult vocabulary on the ‘Wall’. Students’ spellings, pronunciation and use of the tough words showed marked improvement and they gained the confidence to use them independently. I used Word Search, Word Scramble and Quizlet to assess their learning.

Taking this action research further I wanted to use technology to look for classroom strategies to improve vocabulary. I stumbled on Kahoot! Suffice is to say that the excitement created by Kahoot! everytime is outstanding. I made quizzes on Kahoot! where students had to match words with meanings and vice versa. I also had the confidence to create a Kahoot! quiz on Fashion Studies (https://create.kahoot.it/k/f4319b18-7e8b-4f4c-843d-27ae4a4bdc5c).The transformation in the attitude of students towards the tough vocabulary was magical.

Teachers were equally thrilled and upbeat about using Kahoot! to enhance vocabulary. Action Research was an eye opener for me. Always hooked to technology, my use of technology to make the classroom experiences of my students interesting was exciting. As a Master Trainer, I had the opportunity to share the Prezi presentation I had made on Word Wall https://prezi.com/p/hzutzf9fxhei/ and Kahoot! with colleagues from my school and colleagues from other schools. I became more confident with technology as I used Google Forms for feedback. My rapport with my dear students became stronger. The changes in me after Action research - the quest for new technologies, looking for interesting learning experiences for my students, satisfying and happy teaching experiences for myself – are now deep-rooted.

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