Great May blog posts - thank you to everyone who wrote and if you missed any, we encourage you to catch up here!

On Thursday 4th this month, don't miss the ELTons, the annual awards celebrating innovation in English language teaching (ELT) from around the world, so our first topic this month is on encouraging student creativity. We also have topics on exam classes, realia and pronunciation, so we hope you'll find something that interests you. Happy blogging!


Topic 1: Student creativity

Encouraging our students to be creative is one way to develop autonomy and engage our learners in activities that help them to use language to develop their skills beyond the classroom. Using stories and drama are two ways in which we can do this. What other activities or techniques do you use to develop creativity in your classroom?

Topic 2: Balancing exam classes

Many of our students need or want to pass a recognised exam for a variety of reasons. This may be to help them get into a university, get a job or move to a different country. Exam classes provide a clear focus for both the teacher and the student but how can we ensure that what happens in the class helps learners develop their autonomy, learn the language and enjoy the learning experience?

Topic 3: Realia

How often do you use realia in class and how do you use it? Has there been a time when you used it to great effect, or perhaps a time when another approach might have worked better? What sort of activities lend themselves to using realia?

Topic 4: Pronunciation

Are teachers frightened of pronunciation? Why / why not? How do you feel about your own accent? How does this affect the way you teach pronunciation? How can you raise your learners' awareness of their own pronunciation while building their confidence when speaking?

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