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Our four new topics for September and October 2016 look at the theme of 'assessing learning' and ask you to think about some of the ways we can assess learners and the effects and implications of assessment. 

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Blog topic 1

To what extent do you promote the use of self-assessment with students? What are the positive effects of asking students to evaluate their own or their peers work?

Blog topic 2

Exam classes - how do you keep a balance between preparing students for formal assessment and their own needs as language learners?

Blog topic 3

Testing - are there more effective ways to assess learners than tests?

Blog topic 4

How can the 'real world' be incorporated into assessment?


The focus has shifted from the teacher to students in the classroom. Thus we are trying to use all kinds of techniques that can help children to be autonomus learners. One of them is self / peer assessment. I believe it is vital in teaching any subject. Learners have a chance to check their work, realise mistakes and even help each other which is an essential skill in the real world.

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