Back in the summer, I did the Teaching Knowledge Test course.

Back in the summer, I did the Teaching Knowledge Test course.  Even though the TKT is theory only, it was very useful for me, as it helped me:

- get to know the college where I planned to do the CELTA

- refresh my (creaking!) memory of basic ELT and language terms

- get to grips with the phonemic symbols again

- start thinking about what happens in the ELT classroom.

As with the CELTA course, I learnt a great deal from my fellow students.  There were 10 of us in total, and English was the mother tongue for just three of us. Consequently, we three benefited a lot from hearing about the English language learning preferences of the others.

For example, I squirmed when we watched a video of a teacher energetically drilling and orchestrating a class.  To me, it seemed too teacher-centred and overly controlling.  But several of my fellow participants disagreed vigorously, and said they really liked that approach ... well, within reason!



During the TKT course, we trainees tried out a range of classroom activities, as if we were English language learners:
- 'Find someone who ...' mingling and question-asking activity (at the beginning, of course, to find out about each other!)
- In pairs, describing pictures of two different rooms to each other, without showing the pictures, and finding out what the two rooms had in common, and what was different ('There's a/ are some ...'/'Have you got a/any ...?'/etc.)
- Watching a YouTube clip of disastrous drivers, and then matching phrasal verbs in the correct sequence
- In pairs, matching pictures of objects with the nouns in phonemic script
- In pairs, guessing about mystery pictures ('I think that's a .../'That must be a ...'/'It could be a ...'/etc.)
- Writing a love story in pairs, incorporating five random objects, and using linking words (this revealed some very black humour!).
Each time we were completely engrossed, and we had a lot of fun ... which was a very valuable lesson about how to motivate our future students.

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