November is CPD month on TeachingEnglish and our sister site EnglishAgenda with several webinars, podcasts and a live event planned.

Innovations in Continuing Professional Development

November is CPD month on TeachingEnglish and our sister site EnglishAgenda with several webinars, podcasts and a live event planned. You can read all about what's happening here

Consequently, the 4 topics for November are all related to Continuing Professional Development.

  1. ’Mentor’, ‘super teacher’, ‘teacher educator’ and ‘master trainer’ are just some of the terms used in education to describe those in the teaching profession who are asked to give guidance and support to less experienced teachers. What is your experience of mentoring or guidance whilst on the job or in pre-service training? Are you or have you been a mentor and if so, how effective is it? How was it set up and how much extra work did it involve. Maybe as a line manager, or trainer you’ve needed to help one or two teachers specifically or have had to manage poor performance. Maybe you’ve been mentored or helped by someone in the past or currently. What is your story?
  2. Facilitating learning is now expected of modern teachers, but what does that actually mean? What are the key features of being an effective facilitator and what do we learn from our students by teaching in this way? How can we use our students to help us become better teachers?
  3. Teacher research, or action research, is a popular and effective method of development and allows us to look at and develop some of the key elements of our teaching, but how realistic are the opportunities available to us when we increasingly work longer hours and are expected to do more with our time? What are your experiences of doing action research? How have you managed it in a busy schedule and what did you take from the process? What aspects of your teaching did you focus on and how did you record and reflect on your findings?
  4. Sustainable and long-term development is an ideal that all professional teachers aspire to. The ability to stay motivated and be a reflective practitioner is what makes the job we do as teachers more rewarding. Does your school or institution recognise this and what support are you given to develop - financial or otherwise? What systems are in place to ensure that development happens without being intrusive?


When I click on your link to read the blogs from July, they don't all seem to be there. Mine blog on Authentic Listening and Authentic Texts, which was written for the July blog topics, is missing :-/

Hi Ashowski
Your post should now be appearing in the July blogs. When you write a post, please tag it with the month and year it was written for it to appear correctly.

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