Our latest blog topics look at the theme of reading and writing.

We are changing the format of the blog topics slightly. Instead of monthly topics, there will be bi-monthly topics so you get two months instead of one to submit your blog posts.

Below are the topics for January and February 2016:

  1. What are some of the challenges we face as teachers when teaching reading and writing? What solutions have you found to be effective? 
  2. To what extent do you use realia and real-world tasks to develop reading and writing skills? How does this help motivate your students? What else increases motivation for reading and writing?
  3. Pre-, during- and post-reading activities. What are some of the common ones you use? How effective are they? Have you ever avoided pre-reading tasks? What have been some of the most successful post-reading tasks you've used?
  4. What different tasks do you use with low-level students to help them prepare to write (language support, scaffolding, ideas, etc.) Is the support offered in the coursebook (if you use one) enough? If not, how do you supplement activities to ensure your students get the right amount of support?

Happy blogging!


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