Welcome to a new year and new opportunities.

Dear bloggers

You may remember that in November of 2013 we posted a notice informing you all that we would be making some changes to our blogging procedures from January 2014. You can read about these changes here: https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/changes-teachingenglish-blog

We also emailed all of you to ask if you were happy with the changes and if you wished to continue blogging under the new guidelines. Everyone we heard back from agreed that the changes were a good thing, so we are going to be putting these changes into practice from this month.


  • The number of posts you can write will be limited. At the moment the maximum is four per month.
  • Each post you write should relate to the topics provided.
  • Please don't write more than 1,000 words per post.

So, the topics for January 2014 are:

1. What one activity or lesson do you use again and again that always works well?

2. How do you feel you have developed as a teacher in the last 12 months? What has helped you?

3. What are your top 5 tips for teaching teenagers?

4. How does blogging help you to be a better teacher?

Happy New Year and happy blogging!


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