Teacher Development via Conferences: The Way Forward ... Unfinished Business

To name one: I started attending ELT International conferences as lecturer back in 1999 (LABCI Montevideo, Uruguay) ... the beginning of an enchanting 15-year journey to date (with some travelling as well ... indeed).

To start with I wish to share with you, dear reader, not only my experience as speaker, but also some of my assumptions:

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Testing and Assessment ... not only a practical research approach

This February was a special month as 10 years ago on Monday 16 Feb 2004, I started a journey in which I feel utterly committed to from the start and even before that. I was appointed to lead and create -at that time- a new business unit where my time as senior management was totally dedicated to International Examinations.

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January 2014 ... a look back and forward.

I tried to decide on 'the one' topic, and yet, as it happens, interconnected thoughts kept coming to me ... I do wonder why.

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