CELTA Course recommended books

      A substantial selection of these titles should be available to trainees for reference during
      the course. This is not a definitive list and centres may wish to add relevant books
      themselves. In addition to the titles below, a good range of up-to-date course books at all
      levels should be made available including students’ books, teachers’ books and
      Acklam, R - Revised Index of ELT Materials
      Aitken, R - Teaching Tenses (ELB)
      Allan, M - Teaching English with Video (Longman)
      Allsop, J - Students’ English Grammar (Prentice Hall)
      Atkinson, D - Teaching Monolingual Classes (Longman)
      Baker, A - Introducing English Pronunciation (CUP)
      Baker, A - Ship or Sheep (CUP)
      Baker, A - Tree or Three (CUP)
      Bartram, M & Walton, R - Correction (LTP)
      Bolitho, R & Tomlinson, B - Discover English - (Macmillan ELT)
      Bowen, T & Marks, J - Inside Teaching (Macmillan ELT)
      Bowen, T & Marks, J - The Pronunciation Book (Longman)
      Byrne, D - Teaching Oral English - New Edition (Longman)
      Byrne, D - Teaching Writing Skills - New Edition (Longman)
      Campbell, C & Kryszewska, H - Learner-Based Teaching (OUP)
      Close, R A - A Teacher’s Grammar (LTP)
      Cranmer, D & Laroy, C - Musical Openings.(Longman)
      Crystal, D - Rediscover Grammar (Longman)
      Dainty, P - Phrasal Verbs in Context (Prentice Hall)
      Davis, P & Rinvolucri, M - The Confidence Book (Longman)
      Davis, P & Rinvolucri, M - Dictation (CUP)
      Dean, M - English Grammar Lessons: Upper Intermediate (OUP)
      Dornei & Thurrell - Conversations and Dialogues in Action (Prentice Hall)
      Eastwood - Oxford Guide to English Grammar (OUP)
      Edge, J - Essentials of English Language Teaching (Longman)
      Forsyth & Lavender - Grammar Activities 1: Intermediate (Macmillan ELT)
      Forsyth & Lavender - Grammar Activities 2: Upper (Macmillan ELT)
      Frank, C & Rinvolucri, M - Challenge to Think (OUP)
      Frank, C & Rinvolucri, M - Grammar in Action Again (Prentice Hall)
      Gairns, R & Redman, S - Working with Words (CUP)
      Gerngross, G & Puchta, H - Creative Grammar Practice (Longman)
      Ginsberg, G- ELT Guide (EFL)
      Golebiowska, A - Getting Students to Talk (Phoenix ELT)
      Gower, R & Walters, S - Teaching Practice Handbook-New Ed. (Macmillan ELT)
      Granger, C - Play Games with English 1 (Mac.Heinemann)
      Granger, C - Play Games with English 2 (Mac.Heinemann)
      Granger, C - Play Games with English 3 (Mac.Heinemann)
      Grellet, F - Developing Reading Skills (CUP)
      Griffith, S - Teaching English Abroad (Vacation Work Publications)
      Grundy, P - Beginners (OUP)
      Grundy, P - Newspapers (OUP)
      Hadfield, C & J - Writing Games (Nelson)
      Hadfield, J - Communication Games: Beginners (Longman)
      Hadfield, J - Communication Games: Elementary (Nelson)
      Hadfield, J - Communication Games: Intermediate (Nelson)
      Hadfield, J - Communication Games: Advanced (Nelson)
      Hadfield, J - Classroom Dynamics (OUP)
      Hadfield, J - Reading Games (Nelson)
      Hall, N & Shepheard, J - The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book (Longman)
      Hancock M - Pronunciation Games (CUP)
      Harmer, J - How to Teach English (Longman)
      Harmer, J - Teaching and Learning Grammar (Longman)
      Harmer, J - The Practice of English Language Teaching (Longman)
      Haycraft, J - An Introduction to English Language (Longman)
      Heaton, J B - Classroom Testing (Longman)
      Heaton, J B - Writing English Language Tests. 2nd ed. (Longman)
      Hedge, T - Writing (OUP)
      Hornby, A S - Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary (OUP)
      Hughes, A - Testing for Language Teachers (CUP)
      Hutchinson, T & Waters, A - English for Specific Purposes (CUP)
      Kenworthy, J - Teaching English Pronunciation (Longman)
      Klippel, F - Keep Talking (CUP)
      Lee, W R - Language Teaching Games and Contexts (OUP)
      Leech, G - An A-Z of English Grammar & Usage (Longman)
      Lewis, M - The English Verb (LTP)
      Lewis, M & Hill, J - Practical Techniques for language teaching (LTP)
      Lewis, M & Hill, J - Source Book for T.E.F.L (Macmillan ELT)
      Lindstromberg, S - Recipe Book (Pilgrims Longman Resource Books)
      Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English-4th Edition (Longman)
      Maley, A & Duff, A - Drama Techniques: a resource book (CUP)
      May - Exam Classes (OUP)
      McCarthy, M - Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers (CUP)
      Morgan, J & Rinvolucri, M - Once Upon a Time (CUP)
      Morgan, J & Rinvolucri, M - Vocabulary (OUP)
      Mortimer, C - Elements of Pronunciation (CUP)
      Murphy, R & Naylor - Essential Grammar in Use-New edition (CUP)
      Murphy, R & Hashemi - English Grammar in Use-New Edition (CUP)
      Murphey, T - Music and Song (OUP)
      Nolasco, R & Arthur, L - Conversation (OUP)
      Nuttall, C - Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language (Macmillan ELT)
      O’Connor, J D - Better English Pronunciation (CUP)
      O’Connor, J D - Sounds English (Longman)
      Penston - Grammar Course for TEFL Certificate (TPP)
      Phillips, S - Young Learners (OUP)
      Porter-Ladousse, G - Role Play (OUP)
      Porter-Ladousse, G - Speaking Personally (CUP)
      Redman & Ellis - Way With Words 1 (CUP)
      Redman & Ellis - Way With Words 2 (CUP)
      Richards & Rogers - Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (CUP)
      Riddell, D – Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Teach Yourself)
      Rinvolucri, M - Grammar Games (CUP)
      Roach, P - English Phonetics and Phonology (CUP)
      Scrivener J - Learning Teaching (Macmillan ELT)
      Sion, C - Recipes for Tired Teachers (Longman)
      Stempleski, S & Tomalin, B - Video in Action (Longman)
      Stevick, E - Success with Foreign Languages (Pearson Education)
      Swan, M - Basic English Usage (OUP)
      Swan, M - How English Works (OUP)
      Swan, M - Practical English Usage – 3rd Edition (OUP)
      Swan, M & Smith, B - Learner English (OUP)
      Taylor, L - Pronunciation in Action (Prentice Hall)
      Taylor, L - Vocabulary in Action (Longman)
      Thomson, A & Martinet, A - A Practical English Grammar (OUP)
      Thornbury, S - About Language (CUP)
      Thornbury, S - How to teach Grammar (Longman)
      Tomalin, B & Stempleski, S - Cultural Awareness (OUP)
      Underhill, A - Sound Foundations (Macmillan ELT)
      Underwood, M - Effective Class Management (Longman)
      Underwood, M - Teaching Listening (Longman)
      Ur, P - A Course in Language Teaching (CUP)
      Ur, P - Discussions that Work (CUP)
      Ur, P - Grammar Practice Activities (CUP)
      Ur, P - Teaching Listening Comprehension (CUP)
      Ur, P & Wright A - Five Minute Activities (CUP)
      Wajnryb, R - Classroom Observation Tasks (CUP)
      Watcyn-Jones, P – Pair work One (Penguin)
      Watcyn-Jones, P – Pair work Two (Penguin)
      Watcyn-Jones, P - Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers (Penguin)
      Watkins, P – Learning to teach English (DELTA Publishing)
      Wessels, C - Drama (OUP)
      White, G - Listening (OUP)
      White, R & Arndt, V - Process Writing (Longman)
      Wingate, J - Getting Beginners to Talk (Prentice Hall)
      Wright, A - 1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy (Collins)
      Wright, A et al - Games for Language Learning (CUP)
      Yule - Explaining English Grammar (OUP)
      Teacher Development Series
      Resource Books for Teachers Series
      Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers
      Longman Handbooks for Language Teachers Series
      How to……Series
      Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary - 2nd Edition
      Cambridge Skills for Fluency Series
      Longman Keys to Language Teaching Series

      Longman Skills Series
      Making Sense of ……Series(Longman)

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